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This training takes an in-depth look and explains what the requirements of Rule 45001 & NZS4533 Road Transport Regulations and is critical for those who are involved in the packaging, transport, transitioning and freight forwarding of hazardous substances.

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    1 day, Thu 9:00 AM NZST - Thu 3:30 PM NZST
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For the webinar, should you wish to participate you must ensure that you receive the course material from us no later than 5 days before the start of the course.

Responsibility & fines

-          Responsibility of the consignor

-          Responsibility of the loader

-          Responsibility of the driver or operator of a road vehicle

-          Possible infringement penalties / fees


Difference between road verses

-          Airfreight regulations

-          Sea freight regulations

-          Workplace HSNO Act


Tools of Trade

-          When carrying dangerous goods in a company vehicle (without hire or reward)


Classification of dangerous goods

-          What is triggered as hazardous for road transport

-          Classifications

-          Understanding degree of danger

-          Hazchem codes


Completing a dangerous goods declaration

-          Types of documentation

-          When dangerous goods documentation is not required

-          Emergency response information

-          Special Provisions


Packaging of dangerous goods consignments

-          Limited Quantity

-          UN specification packaging

-          Packaging instructions

-          Labelling and marking of packages

-          Single packages / combination packages


Segregation of incompatible substances

-          Requirements for segregation according to the nature and quantity of dangerous goods

-          Segregation wheel


Plus eight examples – (completing the dangerous goods declaration / packaging marking and labelling consignments) e.g.


  • Aerosols
  • Flammable liquids
  • Toxic substances
  • Mixed loads
  • Special provision example
  • Overpacks
  • Un specification consignments
  • Limited quantity consignments




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